Chapter 28: Aiela and Archery

Framata, Ladaria and Sae had headed back to Dadan Sae because Coe had not came out of Alaentu. Framata was sitting in her inn room, the Flock of Geese, when someone knocked on her door.
She opened the oak door to find a girl in tight black pants a loose fitting white blouse, and skinny black leather boots. Her dark brown hair had been braided and then coiled into a tight bun and her bangs hung into her eyes. On her back she wore a quiver bursting with arrows. She carried a polished oak bow.
The strange brunette said, “I am Aiela, I am here to teach you archery, Framata.” Framata had wanted to learn to shoot with a bow and arrow since she was a toddler. Framata ran to Aiela and hugged her, she was beyond words. “First you must look like an archer,” Aiela stepped behind Framata and her nimble fingers quickly made Framata’s hair into a neat french braid. Aiela stepped out of the room and came back holding some clothes. She handed them to Framata. Framata stepped into her closet to put them on. She came out wearing a snowy white blouse identical to Aiela’s and dark brown pants. “Time to learn.”

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