My Allowance

Last Night I decided to get an allowance.

On it I have things like wash table, clean walls, dust, vacuum, sweep, clean kitchen, clean living room, clean my room, and put the garbage cans over the fence.

Do you have an allowance? What do you have on your allowance if you have one? I get paid every week if I do all my jobs properly. I do not know how much I am going to be paid yet.

I have different jobs for every day of the week. When I do one of my jobs for that day I check that job of on that part of the chart. Every week we print out a new chart. This first time I made my own chart.

Bronwen, Taegan, and Teagan’s blogs

Bronwen, Taegan, and Teagan have blog! I can not wait to leave them comment.

So far they all have fantastic blogs. I wonder what they are going to write about first? Anyways I know their posts are going to be wonderful.

So far Bronwen and Teagan have pets. Taegan is thinking about getting some. Bronwen has a tiger and a cat. Teagan has a bunny a penguin and a hamster.

I cannot wait to leave them a comment!!!

My Pets

On my blog I have three pets. The monkey is named Leeta. The mink thing is named Reesen. The spider is named Aragog.

When I tried to get rid of Peeper it got rid of everything so I had to get three new ones. To see my pets scroll down until you find them.

You can feed Leeta a banana. You can feed Reesen a bowl of treats or an egg. You can feed Aragog a fly.

To see the food drag you mouse over the tab that says “more”. Click on the piece of food to pick it up. For the egg put it over Reesen’s mouth and click until the egg has been eaten. For the treats pick it up and click the ground. For the fly just click on it in the “more” tab. For the banana pick it up and click anywhere in Leeta’s Area.

I love my pets!!!!!

My Sewing Machine

For Christmas I got a real adult Sewing Machine! I have sewn one thing on it, a scarf.


I am giving the scarf to my cousin Janna.
I was thinking about maybe setting up a scarf stand at the Co-op. Maybe not though. If I do set up a stand I would sell them for 5$.

Do you think that is a reasonable price? Would you buy a scarf from me if I did set up a stand? If not scarves, what would you buy that a sewing machine can make? Do you think the front of the co-op is a good place if I do? If not the co-op, where? Do you like the scarf I made? Do you think I should set up a stand? Have you done anything like that? If you did how did it go? Have you sewn a scarf before? If you did, did it look anything like mine?

I got the fabric and thread for Christmas from my mom and dad. I got the Sewing Machine from Grandma.