Florida! 1

Right now I am in Windsor hills, which is a neighborhood in Orlando. Orlando is a city in Florida.
Instead of staying in a hotel, we rented a house to stay in. It features 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 1 game room, 1 living room, an entryway with incredibly high ceilings, a kitchen with a small table, and a dining room.
Outside there is a large pool, 3 lounge chairs, and a table to seat 6. This is all in a screened in with metal mesh to prevent electrocution. Our house came with beach towels, face clothes, hand towels, 7 pool noodles, and a ball. Even though we have a table in the kitchen and a dining room, we mostly eat outside.

I share a room upstairs with my sister, Sierra. It has a Mickey Mouse mural, 2 single beds, a Xbox, a flat screen T.V mounted on the wall, a closet, and a bucket of books. We have our own bathroom! Our room and bathroom are boat-themed. The clock is a steering wheel, there are life preserver shaped pillows, lighthouses on the shower curtain, and a sign that says “Welcome Aboard!”.

Even though there are 5 bedrooms in this house, we only use 3. Each bedroom has it’s own bathroom.

I will write more.