Chapter 29: Kailer + Brigora = Escape

Kailer slunk along the streets of Alaentu silently. Aiela had sent her to find a girl named Brigora. She put her ear to each door she passed, yet none seemed right. Finally she sensed Brigora inside one house. Kailer eased the door open and tapped the sleeping body of a girl she knew was Brigora. The girl looked up and gasped, silently. Kailer motioned for her to follow her, and Brigora pointed to the collar encircling her throat. Kailer toyed with it for a bit, and then it snapped open. Brigora rose from the floor and sneaked through the door with Kailer. They ran down the streets and tiptoed through the gates, past two snoring merte gaurds. Once they were out of earshot, Brigora heaved a sigh of relief.
“Where to now?” asked Brigora.
“Dadan Sae,” replied Kailer. They hopped on the two mares waiting for them and rode.

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