Chapter 27: Home Evil Home

Coe was back home. And she had a pet. So far Evalaine was being good. Coe was wearing Evalaine’s bracelet and she gave it a tug. Brigora fell onto the gravel road.
Coe said, “That wouldn’t have happened if you were being good.” Coe walked towards her room, her Egain following her.

When they got to Coe’s room Brigora saw a blanket on the floor. Coe said, “That is your bed.” Suddenly the door was flung open by silvery haired teenager. Brigora opened her mouth to speak and she suddenly felt a wave of pain ripple through her body. Coe said, “Don’t do or say anything without my permission.”
The grey haired teen sneered, “Hey Coe. You having trouble with your Egain again?”
“No,” said Coe haughtily.
“You always were to gentle with them. Give her to me,” Coe sighed.
“Okay, fine. One day. That day is tomorrow. Today there is an Egain contest,” Coe said as she dragged Brigora out the door.

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