Book 2, Chapter 14: Fernik

Brigora awoke laying on her side.  She opened her eyes.  Her face was pressed against soft, cool grass.  Her dress was slightly damp from the morning dew.  She saw a strand of white, tangled, messy hair and she realized it was her own.  Brigora sat up slowly and saw that she was sitting in front of a small pond.  She dipped her fingers in it and ripples disturbed the glassy surface of the pond.  She saw a bug out of the corner of her eye.  The bug looked strangely humanoid.  Then she realized that this was no bug… It was a fairy.  It was a girl.  The fairy flew towards her and asked, “How did you get here, human? This is Fernik, domain of the fairies. I am Krysta. Ekemal will have questions for you. Come.”  Brigora quickly made a cage of ice around the tiny being. She noticed that Krysta had short black hair and was wearing a red leotard. She had delicate see-through wings.  “What kind of curse has been placed upon you, human?” Asked Krysta.
Brigora fled, leaving Krysta in her cage of ice. She ran through a pond. As soon as her feet touched the surface of the water, the pond froze. Her power was growing.

Book 2, Chapter 13: Froejhma

“Froejhma,” said Lord Nefarious in his metallic, silky voice. “Your name shall be Froejhma.  It is in the language of the Caldese.  It means evil.  You have learned to speak Caldese, Coe.  From now on we speak to each other in Caldese.”
“Yes master- I mean sim yuu.” said the girl who once was named Coe.
“jii. Ti dac Caldese fikew,” said Lord Nefarious.
Suddenly a soft voice spoke.”You still ignore good. Your plan is hopeless. YOU WILL NOT FINISH THIS alive!”


Book 2, Chapter 12: A Game of Hide and Seek and a Friendly Face

Brigora was sprinting as fast as she could. A Merte was chasing her. The cold wind stung her cheeks and made her eyes water as she ran past. Then the Merte yelled gleefully, “Ready or not, here I come!”
Through gritted teeth Brigora said, “Not…Hide…And seek.” She let out a gasp. She wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer. A strand of white hair flew in front of her face. Two hands gripped her waist and lifted her up from behind. Brigora fought and kicked, but could not get free. Then a door opened and slammed shut. The ground in front of her face turned from grass to wood floors. She was gently set down. Brigora was looking into the eyes of Elsaic.
“Miss me?” asked Elsaic. Brigora fell unconscious from exhaustion and surprise.