Chapter 27: Home Evil Home

Coe was back home. And she had a pet. So far Evalaine was being good. Coe was wearing Evalaine’s bracelet and she gave it a tug. Brigora fell onto the gravel road.
Coe said, “That wouldn’t have happened if you were being good.” Coe walked towards her room, her Egain following her.

When they got to Coe’s room Brigora saw a blanket on the floor. Coe said, “That is your bed.” Suddenly the door was flung open by silvery haired teenager. Brigora opened her mouth to speak and she suddenly felt a wave of pain ripple through her body. Coe said, “Don’t do or say anything without my permission.”
The grey haired teen sneered, “Hey Coe. You having trouble with your Egain again?”
“No,” said Coe haughtily.
“You always were to gentle with them. Give her to me,” Coe sighed.
“Okay, fine. One day. That day is tomorrow. Today there is an Egain contest,” Coe said as she dragged Brigora out the door.

Chapter 26: Bad News Evalaine

A merte burst into Coe’s room.
He said, “Lady, Seatin has an Egain that is to powerful for her and she is wondering if you could take charge of her. Her name is Kairyl,” Coe answered.
“Khopesh are weak. I do not wish to be referred to as one of them. I will be called Lady, not khopesh. Now let me see this Egain who is to strong for Seatin.” So the merte led Coe to a girl wearing the silver leash held by Seatin.
“This is Kairyl, lady,” said Seatin.
“No, I am naming her Evalaine,” said Coe. Coe snatched the bracelet from Seatin and snapped it shut onto her own wrist.
“Here is your first lesson Evalaine,” Coe said to Brigora. Suddenly Brigora felt as if she was exploding. Everything hurt. She was lying on the ground.
Coe said, “Good, a nice good torture.”

And Coe was pleased.

Chapter 25: The Real Coe

Coe strode through the city of Alaentu, mertes bowing in a wave as she glided by. She turned to a merte and said,”Take me to my room.”

The merte replied, “Yes of course Lady Coe.” He scurried off and Coe followed him. He showed her a door and backed away from it bowing. Coe gripped the silver door handle and wrenched it open slamming it behind her.

Coe only had one room but she could live with it. Her walls were black with silver designs of Egain being tortured, dripping their precious silver blood. She took off her dress, leaving on her shift, and walked into her closet, closing the silver sliding door.

There was a long moment of silence, and then the door was flung open and Coe strode out. She was wearing a turtleneck black velvet dress with a skinny bodice. She had a silver choker necklace on with a black and gold flower brooch pinned to her chest. There was one ghotame that the master ghotame hadn’t mentioned to Brigora. It was the Ghotame of Evil.