Chapter 21: Coe and Sae

After Framata’s encounter with Daesa, Tiefadi, Ladaria, and Framata had decided to move along to a place called Alaentu. On their way their way there they saw two sisters with auburn hair, scared out of their wits. Ladaria went over and kindly asked their names. They were Coe and Sae. After a brief talk with the children, Ladaria had arranged for her to adopt the girls. Coe was nine, and Sae was six.
By the next day the kids were calling Ladaria “momma”. Coe loved playing with Framata, and Tiefadi’s excitement was just what Sae wanted.

After an long day, Tiefadi came bounding into Framata’s room, curls bouncing.
“Outside there is a carriage leaving for Alaentu in 5 minutes.”

Five minutes was not enough time.

Chapter 19: The Test

Pandra was walking down the hallways when a Sar Din Dae came to her and said, “Please come with me.”
“Why?” Pandra asked.
“You are to be tested to see if you are ready to become a Sar Din Dae, girl.” Pandra’s mouth dropped open from amazement, but she quickly closed it.
“Finally,” She whispered happily, and allowed some spring into her step. While the Sar Din Dae was guiding her deeper and deeper into the fortress, they passed Iva. They waved at each other. The Sar Din Dae said,
“My name is Fela, Pandra. We are almost there,” Pandra nodded. She was beginning to feel nervous. What would there be? She thought. Other girls they passed probably thought she was crazy, because she was half laughing and half crying (from happiness of course).

They stopped walking in a Large stone chamber. In the middle of the room there was a swirling purple mist, in the shape of an oval. Fela said, “When you step through the mist, you shall see projections, hallucinations, of dear things or people in trouble. You must use your magic to do the best you can to stop whatever problem there is from happening.”
Pandra did not wait. She stepped nervously through the mist.
In the mist she saw Framata fighting merte and failing at winning. Pandra cast lightning bolts into the sea of merte, pushed on by panic. When she had disintegrated all the mertes she ran towards Pandra, but before she reached her the world inside the mist started fading.
When the mist had fully evaporated she stood in the chamber again and Fela was smiling down on her.
“You have done exceedingly well, not just defeating the mertes but proceeding to help your friend. You, Pandra Rodengloss, you are a Sar Din Dae!”
What about Iva?” Pandra asked. “She isn’t a Sar Din Dae yet.”
Fela answered, “Oh yes, Ivatan is being tested right after you.”

Chapter 20: The Assasin

Framata had been annoyed by Tiefadi enough, when Daesa walked into her room. Except it wasn’t Daesa. All along Framata had had a sneaking suspicion that Daesa was not on their side. Daesa was in normal clothes, but she held a ruby hilted dagger.
“Time for you to die,” hissed Daesa. Daesa was blocking the door. Then Framata ran to the wall and jumped. Out the window.

Ladaria was awakened from her nap by Framata’s shrieks. She went into Framata’s room to only to find Daesa, with a knife. Framata had been right about Daesa. She was an assasin. Ladaria quietly closed the door, and locked Daesa in. When Daesa found out about this her howls were heard throughout the inn. Then Ladaria raced outside to find Framata laying in a bush. She was a bit shaken up by her encounter, but not harmed. Ladaria grimaced when Framata rose out of the bush. The thorn bush.

Chapter 18: A New Friend

Pandra was having a good time training, in fact she was one of the top students, but a bad time making friends. Of course she had Stella, but she was away at Balford again. One day, when she was striding through the corridor, a small girl with raven black hair shyly said
“Hi, my name is Ivatan,” Pandra said
“Mine is Pandra. Could we be friends?”
“Sure,” said Ivatan a bit more confidently.
“So Ivatan-” Pandra started to say.
“Please just call me Iva,” Ivatan said.
“Ok,” said Pandra. “Where is your room Iva,”
“I think it is the one right next to yours Pandra,” she replied. Pandra glanced at her watch
“Oh sorry, I will be late for my lessons,’
“Me too,” giggled Iva.

Chapter 17:Put the Plan Into Action!

The evil lord Nefarious was in his lair with a piece of paper and pen. He really wasn’t getting anything written down, but a plan was formulating in his head. He thought I must catch that Brigora girl, with her I would have so much power. Beside.
“I will put my plan into action now,” he announced in his cold, steely voice. “The world will bow to me!”
“Boss,” said a merte voice from outside the room “are you singing again?”
“I do not sing!” said Lord Nefarious defensively. “I didn’t get her with that poison dart, so I will go there myself!

Chapter 16: An Annoying Addition

Ladaria, Framata, and to Framata’s dissapointment, Daesa were staying at an inn called The Flock of Geese. They all got their own room, but the rooms were the tiniest things ever. There was a bed and a table and that was it. The only reason they had stayed here was because it was the cheapest inn to be found in the expensive city of Dadan Sae.
There was a knock on Framata’s door, who said “Can I come in,” Framata replied
“Sure,” A girl with shiny brown curls sprouting out of her head came in.
“My name is Tiefadi,” She said “What is yours?”
“Framata,” Replied Framata.
“I have a room here in the inn too!” Exclaimed Tiefadi. This girl is way to easily excited for my liking thought Framata.
“See you later,” said Framata uneasily. This girl pushed her off the edge.
“Yes and we can eat lunch together and go to the fair! I can’t wait!” said Tiefadi. “I will travel with you everywhere!”

Chapter 15: Earth to Brigora!

Brigora awoke in her bed, Pandra gazing at her with worry stricken faces. She was lying in bed. Her side was agonizing. I guess that is the place I was struck she thought. Stella was rummaging in her bag for something. Suddenly Pandra said excitedly
“Look Stella, she is awake!” Everyone completely ignored her except from a hushing sound from Symbol. Symbol was enjoying her new snow powers by casting snowflakes everywhere.
“Can you stop with the snow,” asked Stella.
“I am making her comfortable,” said Symbol huffily.
“Nice excuse,” said Stella. Then Brigora said weakly, in barely a whisper
“Hey guys, I am alive here,” forcing a smile onto her pale face. It startled everyone, and Symbol shot ice everywhere, which melted almost immediately, causing a small flood. Brigora allowed herself a small joking laugh at Symbol.

“Yep you are,” said Pandra.

Chapter 13: Symbol

Brigora had just realized that queens did not simply snap their fingers and make all their troubles go away. That was how the children stories told it. Of course she had fancy rooms and a crown, but the most important thing was missing. Her friends.
A knock on the door broke her thoughts. She was about to say irratibly “Go away,” when three girls tramped in and one said “Hello my name is Symbol and these are my friends Leala and Ranila,” The queen’s eyes widened at the soft golden glow surrounding Symbol.
“Symbol,” she said “May I talk to you in private,” They walked to the back of the chamber together.
“You are a Ghotame,” said Brigora.
“People call me a Flasker,” Said the girl called Symbol. They both said together,
“Let’s combine our powers,” So they did. Brigora shot some snow in the air and Symbol threw some sun. Suddenly Brigora felt a change. She could wield sun, and Symbol snow. They were one.
“I will send for another crown to be made,” Said Brigora.
“Why?” Asked Symbol.
“So you can be queen with me, Symbol. It is very rare indeed, it is a miracle we found each other.,” said Brigora.

Chapter 14: Pikklas and Mertes

Suddenly Pikklas and Mertes burst into the throne room. Brigora cast a small grin at the new little queen.
“Are you ready for this?” Asked Brigora.
“Ready for anything,” Replied the Symbol.
Brigora and Symbol fought for their lives. Fireballs and snowballs were flying in blue and red blurs everywhere. It all happened so fast. When they had finished the girls were sweating and shaking. Brigora collapsed on the floor, in a crumpled pile. Her breathing was slow, unlike human breathing was supposed to be.
Symbol said grimly ” I’d better go get Stella. This doesn’t look good,” Then she sprinted to Balford, the place where Symbols friend, Stella was being trained as a healer.
Lights were flashing before Brigora’s eyes. It was taking all of her strength not to blackout.
When Symbol got back she was with Stella, and Pandra. A look of worry crosses Pandra’s face. Pandra screamed with worry. And then she went under.

Chapter 12: Dadan Sae and Daesa

Brigora said goodbye to her friends and said, “I have to stay and take care of my kingdom,” so then Ladaria and Framata rode of on the rode towards Dadan Sae. After riding awhile they saw a girl around their age. She said, “Hi my name is Daesa Ladsee,” Ladaria said
“Hello Daesa, I am Ladaria and this is my friend Framata. Would you like to ride with us to Dadan Sae,”
“Yes sure,” Daesa replied “I was on my way there anyway,” They rode and talked and became good friends.

Dadan Sae was the busiest place Framata had ever saw or been in, not that she had been in that many cities herself. Framata said
“Hey Daesa, would you mind if I talked to Ladaria? Alone?”
“Oh sure,” said Daesa, looking mildly hurt. Framata took Ladaria aside and hissed
“Don’t you think it’s a bit suspicious, her agreeing to go with us just like that,” Framata snapped her fingers for emphasis on the last word.
“Of course not, she is a sweet girl,” Ladaria snapped, stomping off to ride beside Daesa again. Framata knew that Ladaria would pay for Daesa.