Minecraft On The Computer

I love Minecraft on the computer. It has way more things than the PE (Pocket Edition).

On the computer it also has weather like snow rain and sun. It is especially annoying when it is night and it is raining because you can hardly see anything. It it annoying to build in the rain.

In each Minecraft server there are three NPC villages. I like taking TNT and blowing their houses up or pouring lava over top of them or setting them on fire. In the NPC villages there are villagers. You can trade things with them.

If you make the nether portal you can go to the nether. It is a lava filled world. When you are not on peaceful mode blazes (monsters) will be in there. In the nether there is also lots of glowstone netherrack and soul sand.

Creepers are another monster. They have the texture and colour of a cabbage. When you get to close to you they will make a sizzling sound then explode.

If you make he ender portal you can go to the ender. In there there is the first official boss mob the ender dragon. It is very hard to kill because it has lots of health and around it there are big towers with a thing on top of them that heals him. When you kill him he will drop souls (experience points).

Ghasts are another monster. a They look like a flying white pillow. They make a squealing sound. They can shoot fireballs from their mouths.

Slimes are another monster. They look like green hopping blobs. When you kill them they will divide into smaller blobs and so on. After you kill the smallest blobs they will finally die.

Enderman are another monster. They accompany the ender dragon in ender. They will only attack you if you look at them. They look like a black octopus often surrounded in a little purple mist. their eyes are purple.

Herobrine is another monster. He looks like a person but has white eyes. If you see him he will attack you. If you attack him he will blow up your stuff. If he is near you will hear a humming sound. I heard him once in my house and once in a cave.

Squids are another animal in minecraft. They swim in lakes and oceans. You can catch them on a fishing rod. They look like a flailing indigo octopus.

pigs are another animal in minecraft. You can put a saddle on them and ride them. They will not attack no matter what but you can attack them. I keep them in my farm with the sheep and chickens.

sheep are another animal in minecraft. I you shear them they will drop wool. they eat grass. They will not attack no matter what but you can attack them. I keep them in my farm with the pigs and chickens.

Chicken are another animal in minecraft. I keep them in my farm with the sheep and pigs. they lay eggs. they do not really fly it is mostly a jump. They lay eggs every day.

Zombies are another mob. They look like a green person. They sound terrible. They bite villagers and turn them into zombies too.

Skeletons are another mob. They have a bow and arrow. They burn in sunlight. I once saw one go into water to stop being burnt for three days!

Spiders are another mob. They can jump really high. They are black and red. They are fierce at night. Before one jumped right over me!

I love Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the ipad and ipod it costs $7. On computer it costs $30

Chris Hadfield Canadian Astronaut

Right now Chris Hadfield is in the ISS (International Space Station). The ISS travels faster than a bullet and is the size of a football field. On the ISS there is zero gravity ( that means everything floats).

From Space Chris Hadfield tweets and something like skype. You could message him but he probably would not answer you because he has 300,000 people messaging him already.

On February 22 from 8:00-9:00 AM he will be doing a google hangout (something like skype) and answer other peoples questions. On February 22 we might open the school early to watch the google hangout.

If you have any more facts about space please tell me in your comment.