My Reading

I am reading Queste from the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage. Here is a video of that:

I am working on reading fluently and not reading fast so then I do not have to stop in the middle of the sentence or mess up so much. I am much better at reading in my head than out loud. I think I need to work also on expression and pronunciation. I am good at understanding what I read.

What is your favorite book?
What do you think I need to work on?

Chapter Three-To the Dungeons we March!

Chapter Three
To the Dungeons we March!

Framata was running. Fast. She could hear the merte’s soft footfalls as they sped after her. But they were getting quieter and quieter. Finally, when she could no longer hear them so she stopped to rest against a large oak tree.

“What was that?” Framata said to herself as she heard a twig snapping behind her. Then in the blink of an eye a particularly large merte had picked her up, grabbed a rope, and trussed her like a chicken. That was when everything went black.

When she regained consciousness she realized she was lying on her belly on a cold stone floor. She rolled over and groaned.
“,Everything hurts” Then she heard a familiar high pitched voice squeal
“Framata what happened to you? you are all tied up and groaning, you even look dizzy!”
“Every single word of that is true Pandra, will you help me get out of these ropes?” she asked.

The next day when Brigora was at Ladaria’s house that day Brigora said bravely
“,Lets go find Framata and Pandra”
“What,” gasped Ladaria
“I said,” said Brigora again, this time a bit impatiently “,Lets go find Framata and Pandra.”
“I must be dreamining,” said Ladaria planting her head in her hands and firmly shaking her head.
“Nope, you’r not dreaming,” said Brigora.
“Ok but have you had enough time to consider that,” asked Ladaria.
“Yup,” said Brigora. Ladaria sighed.
“Dad will never let me,” said Ladaria.
“We will have to sneak away,” said Brigora “We will do it tomorrow so when I leave tonight get packed up.”
Then Master Sunwell’s deep voice boomed kindly “,Brigora it is time for you to leave.” So Brigora said goodbye to Ladaria and bounded down the stairs.