My Halloween Costume

Soon it will be Halloween. For Halloween I am being Hermione Granger. What are you being? The parts of my costume are: cloak, wand, and tie. What things do you have in your Halloween costume? I am painting my wand and attaching a marble to the end of it. The wand colour is greeney browney yellowy.

My sister Sierra also made a wand. Hers was sparkly pink. She is being a forest fairy with a plastic wreath, a flowery dress, and a plastic wand. I love Halloween.


On my Ipad I have a game called Minecraft. It is my favorite game on my Ipad. It only costs 1$! I play Minecraft a lot.

You can cut blocks and walk around and even build houses. If you build mines down into the earth you can get things like redstone and diamonds. But if you build your mine into the side of sand mountain you will find sandstone.

In one of my servers I made a city. It has a ride and a castle. It is a really big city. I just recently built a dungeon.

In survival mode there are chickens, pigs, cows, dogs, and sheep. At night in survival mode zombies, spiders, and skeletons come out. Once me and my dad played together and at night we went out and fought the army of zombies. Two people against like 1000 zombies!

I love Minecraft!

Grade Two

This year I am in grade two.


I like it better than any of the other grades I have been in because I get to be in my mom’s class. In Daily 5 I am reading a book called, Beyond the Valley of Thorns. So far I like it. I like Daily 5.

Here are a few reasons I like being in my moms class:
1. Well she’s my mom
2. We get to do Daily 5
3. In this class we have a Smartboard.

That is a few reasons I like being in my mom’s class.

I love being in grade two.