Science Fair

My science fair project was about growing mould to see if bleach or UVC light is better for killing mould and which is better for the environment. Bleach got rid of mould faster but UVC is better for the environment and it still works. The UVC looks like it does not work as much because it just stops it from reproducing and it does not wipe it of the the bread like the bleach does. We treated them every day. Here is a link to my google doc where I put my information:
here are some pictures:


Today we released the salmon. We released them in the Rough Bay creek because in that part of the creek it leads to the ocean, it is sheltered, it is shady, and there are lots of rocks for hiding.

I named my two salmon Moirane and Rand. I named them from my favourite book, Wheel of Time.

We released them as a fry. The school releases the salmon we get every year. I jumped across the creek to get to the right side to release the salmon.

Before we took them to the creek the salmon dream team took care of them. They did things like checking the temperature and feeding the salmon. Here is a picture of me releasing Moirane and Rand:

After the primary’s had had there turn releasing their salmon they waited in the bus while the intermediate had their turn then we went back to school.