Today we had Ms.Bates come and tell us about the salmon we will be incubating for the next couple months. She told us about the different things that salmon need. They are: Air, cold water, shade, food, and the redd. The redd is the nest the female salmon makes to keep her babies in.
After telling us those things she dissected a male spawner Coho salmon. She showed us the heart, spleen, liver, intestines, milt sac, and a couple more I can’t remember.
In our school we have a tank that is surrounded by foam for shade. Every year we get salmon eggs and keep them and care for them in our school. When they have reached the stage of fry we release them into Rough Bay creek. Right now they are in the Aelevin. We will take care of them until they are ready to be released.

Chapter 10: Sar Din Dae

While Brigora was gone talking to the king, Pandra had snuck to the Grand Hall to get a better look at the Sar Din Dae. When she got there one of them came over and said to her, “Girl you have power! Would you like to come and train to be one of us?” A awed expression came over Pandra’s face and she nodded furiously. Then the Sar Din Dae grabbed her arm and hauled her inside the grand hall.

Meanwhile Brigora was walking through the palace halls with the royal crown on her head. He was eager to get rid of the crown she thought. By then she had reached her friends. They gawked at her when they saw the crown upon her head. But before they could utter a word Brigora said worriedly, “Where is Pandra?”
Ladaria replied equally puzzled, a worry crease already started on her forehead, “I don’t know, but she said she might be near the grand hall.”
“Oh no,” said a disapproving Brigora “How reckless could that girl be?” Ladaria said.
“Umm Brigora, Framata is older than you,” Brigora roared.
“I am your queen and I will get some respect for that, on top of being a ghotame!” Then she said more calmly, “Hey sorry guys, my temper got ahead of me. Just so much stuff has happened, being ghotame and now being queen as well.” She gestured to herself, “Look what I am turning into. Well lets go and find Panda.”

Chapter 9: Fseacia

After a long day of riding in Brigora’s coach that she had made out of ice they could finally see Fseacia. “It is freezing in here,”shivered Ladaria.
“Uh Duh it is made out of ice,” said Framata. They rode into the city and were greeted by cheers of “Snow ghotame, snow ghotame!” Brigora stepped out of the ice carriage and was followed by her friends. She asked a nearby villager
“Can you give me directions to the Fseacian palace?” The villager squeaked the directions then ran of to tell his friend that a ghotame had asked him for help. The girls climbed back into the coach to begin making their way to the palace,” Pandra said.
“Why are we going to the palace?” Brigora replied.
“I am sure that King Eldane would like to know if I am here, by then they had arrived at the palace gates,” Brigora said.
“I am going in by myself, and don’t you worry yourself, I am a ghotame and I can deal with him if I have to,” at the last part Brigora grimaced. She had always dreamed of having powers as a little girl, but never for killing or harming other people.
When she got into the throne room the Eldane said, “Ah yes I have been expecting a ghotame,” as if nothing was out of the usual. The king also said, “Fseacia has been ruled by a long line of kings. Do you not think it should be ruled by a queen? Fseacia is getting out of order and the peasants are not following my laws. I was wondering if you would like to be Queen of Fseacia?” he asked, taking the crown off of his head and offering it to her. The crown of Fseacia was silver leaves intrically molded and shaped.
Brigora asked,”But what will you do?”
“Ah I have always wanted to be an adventurer,”

Chapter 8: Ghotames

That night, when all the girls were asleep Brigora was awakened by a small tap on her shoulder. She looked up and saw a very pretty girl. Her shiny black hair cascaded down her shoulders like a waterfall. She said, “Brigora, have you heard of a Ghotame?” Brigora shook her head.
The woman said, “Ghotames are like Sar Din Dae except they do not make anything they want out of magic, Ghotames have talents. There is a sun, snow, cloud, and nature Ghotame, and you dear, are one of them. You Brigora Dewleaf, you are the Ghotame of snow, frost, wind, and ice. Ghotames are treated like goddesses.”

The black haired lady waved her hands around Brigora in a complex pattern and magical swirls of sparkles surrounded her. When Brigora stepped out of the light her hair was pure white, her eyes were perfectly blue, and she was wearing a blue dress that seemed to be made out of ice.

When Framata, Pandra, and Ladaria awoke Ladaria grumbled,”Do I have to wake up now, I am still sleepy,” But reluctantly, Ladaria got up anyway. Brigora flashed them a smile when she saw her friends awed faces.
They all said together, “You are a Ghotame Brigora.”
“You got that right” said Brigora.
“Prove it,” said Framata stubbornly. Brigora put out her hand and made a motion as if throwing a ball but, instead of a ball snow streamed from her palm.
“Wow!” said Pandra.

Chapter 7: Here We Come World!

After getting out of the merte dungeons Framata, Pandra, Master Sunwell, Brigora, and Ladaria Decided to make some distance between them and the Merte before they stopped to camp for the night. Master Sunwell said, “Children are going missing from here to Fseacia “.
“Well let’s go to Fseacia then,” said Brigora.
“Yes, let’s did you know they have magical Sar Din Dae in Fseacia,” said Pandra happily.
“Really!” Said Framata “I want to become a Sar Din Dae“. Tthen Ladaria broke in through the mess of voices.
“Hey If we are going to Fseacia lets at least do it after a good nights sleep.” In the middle of all this master Sunwell had packed up quickly (and quietly) and stormed away towards home with a grumpy frown on his face.

Chapter 6: Prison Break!

Again, even in prison Ladaria was doing her makeup again. It was hard for the rest of them to sleep that night because Ladaria was using one of those noisy sprayers on her hair.
“Hey Ladaria, cut back on the makeup will you? We are trying to sleep here.” Grumbled Brigora sarcastically.
“okay Ms. Impatient stand away from the door” Replied Ladaria. She rummaged around in her bag for a while then pulled out a bobby pin and reached through the bars, inserting the pin into the lock. She fumbled with it for a while but then the door swung open. Ladaria put a finger to her mouth as Pandra was about to say something and Pandra just gave her thumbs up. They snuck out of the prison and bumped into something big and fat, it was master Sunwell.
“Oof,” he said as they bumped into them. The girls were heavier than they looked he thought. Framata heard a merte
“Run!”shouted Framata and they all took of sprinting down the corridors.
When they saw daylight again they were panting and Master Sunwell said,
“I was- how could- we thought!”
“Yeah yeah yeah, We are not dead,” said Ladaria.
“Um guys,” said Framata nervously,”turn around,” They all looked behind them and saw the biggest merte ever.

Chapter 5: Away We Go Again

Brigora and Ladaria were riding through the dark forest. Dusk was coming and a large bed of snow blanketed the forest floor, muffling their horses footsteps. Breaking the uncomfortable silence that had developed as they rode Ladaria’s sleepy voice said with a yawn,”When do you think we will get there Brigora?”
“I dunno but maybe we should stop for a rest,” Replied an equally tired Brigora as she tied Destiny to a oak wood tree and Ladaria did the same with her horse.
Out of Ladaria’s petite pink beach bag she produced a robe, eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail polish. Brigora gave her an impressed look and Ladaria laughed and said, “And that isn’t all.” As Ladaria started doing her makeup Brigora got out all her cloaks and snuggled into them to get ready for sleep.

The scariest thing Pandra Rodengloss had ever experienced was night in a prison cell. Framata seemed to have gotten to sleep easily. She must have had a hard time with the merte Thought Pandra. All night long Pandra had turned and twisted in her bindings. Being tied up did not Bother Framata nearly as much as it did her. She shivered as the night patrol of merte walked solemly past the iron bars on her cell.

In the morning Pandra and Framata woke to the sound of their prison door creaking open. Bound as well, Ladaria and Brigora were thrown in. They certainly looked like they had put up more of a fight than she. Framata just pulled them out of the way as the door swung shut with a loud bang. It took Pandra the whole day to undo Ladaria but Framata undid Brigora in less than a hour. Or so she thought. Time worked much differently here. When they were free of their ropes they sat and massaged their wrists and ankles.
“We are going to die in here,” Wailed Framata Dramaticaly. Ladaria smiled.
“I still have the stuff I packed,” said Ladaria mysteriously.

Chapter 4: The Long Journey

When Brigora got home she went into her room to pack up what she would like to take. First she put three riding dresses in her bag, one green one, blue one grey; a black hooded cloak and a beige cloak; and a small belt knife and that was all. So then she went to head off to Ladaria’s house.

When Brigora got there she went up the stairs to Ladaria’s room. When she got into her friends room she saw Ladaria buried in stuff and trying to stuff it all into one pink beach bag.
“There,” said Ladaria proudly, “I am all done packing. Throw your bag out the window it will land in the horse stable and we can just tell daddy we are going to see my horse Dainty.”
“What about Destiny,” grumbled Brigora.
“Oh yes your horse too,” said Ladaria like nothing happened. So they went downstairs and Brigora yelled, “We are going to see our horses, Master Sunwell.”
“Ok girls just do not be too long,” he replied.

So they grabbed their bags jumped on their horses and flicked the reins.