My Ear Piercing Adventure

Today I got my ears pierced.  It only hurt a bit.

I got little sparkly flowers.  In the sun the pink part turned to purple and the silver part turned to blue.

I had two ladies do it, one on each ear.  They both had little guns.  They put in the cartridge with the earrings in it and then I think they locked it or something.  They counted to three to do it.

Two times a day I have to put a special liquid on it to clean my ears.  It is called ear cleanse.

When they put it in it was just pressure, but then it started to sting.  Then I started crying.  After I was done crying it started to feel a little bit warm.  For about half an hour after I left the salon it stung.  Then it just felt weird for quite a while.

I am glad I got my ears pierced.

We took some pictures and videos:

Christmas Decorations

Last week my mom put up quite a few Christmas decorations. There are lots of them. Decorations are one of my favorite parts of Christmas preparations. My favorite decoration is this.

I like it a lot. The Santa on top of the roof spins and the Christmas tree spins. It does not make music.

Here is my stocking.


It has a picture of Rudolph on it holding a welcome sign. I think he is saying welcome to Santa.

Here is Sierra my sisters stocking.
Her stocking has a picture of a gingerbread girl on it.


I love Christmas!

My Friends’ Blogs

Many people in the classroom have earned their blogs and written posts on them. A few of these people are Sharon, Jorja, Merissa, Jacob, and May. Those are only a few of them. All of them have wonderful posts. I really think you should go visit their blogs.  On my sidebar under My Friends Blogs, click on the  name of the persons blog you want to visit.

Calvin & Hobbes

The best comic I know is Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin is always getting in trouble. Hobbes is a real tiger, but everyone except for Calvin, only sees him as a stuffed tiger.

In the comic Calvin has comics. Hobbes likes to draw mustaches on all the superheroes in Calvin’s comics. Calvin is terrible in school. Hobbes loves tuna fish. Calvin made up a game called Calvinball. The only permanent rule in Calvinball is that you can never play it the same way twice.

I love Calvin & Hobbes. I hope you will read it!

My A.J Eagle

One snowy week before Christmas, everybody was working at the North Pole.  Everyone was frantic preparing for Christmas.  All the elves were busy doing something.  In his office Santa thought, “I think I should go check on how the elves are doing”.  Santa got out of his chair and said with a yawn, “I wish did not have to miss my afternoon nap”.  Then he made his way slowly to the door.  He grasped the doorknob and pulled.  He said to himself,” Have those silly elves locked me in again?”

“No dear,” said a voice from behind him.  It was Mrs.Claus.  “You are not doing it right. You are supposed to twist then pull, not just pull.”
“Oh I knew that,” said Santa quickly as he opened the door.  He walked down the long hallway, first left, then right, then straight.  Soon the sound of singing could be heard.

All the elves were happy, except one.  When Santa came in the elf yelled, “Santa, this is so unfair!  Why don’t you pay us?”  He chucked a candy cane at a computer.  Before Santa could answer, the lights went out.

“Ahhh!” yelled Santa.  Suddenly a light flickered on.  “We must go to the emergency computer,” Santa said.  Then the elf with the lantern got up and led the way to the emergency computer.  When they got there Santa sat in the big chair in front of the computer.  He wiggled the mouse and the computer flashed on.  He clicked the button that said EMERGENCY!!!! Then all the lights turned on.  Santa said “Every elf must meet me in my office this instant!”

At the meeting Santa yelled, “What is the meaning of this?” One of the elves said in a small voice, “Sorry Santa, I got angry because you do not pay us and I threw a candy cane at one of the computers.”

“Thank you for saying sorry, but next time do not do it,” said Santa.

“OK,” said the elf.

The rest of the days were busy.  On Christmas Eve they loaded the sleigh and lived happily ever after.

It is almost Christmas!

It is almost Christmas! I can’t wait. Auntie Kim, Uncle Darcy, Cole, and Janna get to come to our house this Christmas! They could not come before because they lived in Stewart, but now they live in Courtenay!

One of my favorite things that happens at Christmas is when we get to go to Appy Night at grandma’s. There is sushi,  bacon wrapped water chestnuts ect.  

Another one of my favorite things is when we get to decorate.  It is beautiful.   This week we are cleaning the house to decorate!  Really!  

A different one of my favorites is when we get to go out on the logging roads with snacks and get our Christmas tree.  We always get one big one for the family and two little ones for me and Sierra.  The little ones go in me and Sierra’s rooms.  

I also like making a gingerbread house.  We get to eat some while we are at it.  It is fun making gingerbread houses.  

It is fun decorating the tree.  We make ornaments to give to the family.  This year I made a card for everybody in the family that is coming for Christmas.

I love Christmas!  It is so much fun.