Book 2, Chapter 8: A Twist On Air-Travel

Elsaic’s first words after seeing the dragon were, “Wanna ride him?” Brigora jumped on without hesitation.
“Oww,” Rumbled Pinkie, “You are wrinkling my scales!”
Brigora scooted forward to make room for Elsaic, but she just said, “I am giving him to you.”
Pinkie took off just as Brigora said, “I have no idea how to fly thisss thiinnngggg!” Elsaic shrugged and turned her eyes skyward to watch how Brigora handled “Pink Manliness”.
Meanwhile Brigora had gotten used to this new form of air travel. She had pressed her body against the dragons sleek pink back. She was speeding through the air like a torpedo.
“I love this!”

Book 2, Chapter 7: Pink Manliness And It’s Owner

Brigora was panting on her bed in her room when she heard a knock at the door. She collected herself, then rose to open it. She opened the door. Behind it was a girl with white hair, a black and turquoise dress, and a purple cape with a snowflake gem. Her hair had been coiled into a bun. A silver tiara perched in her hair.
She said softly in her chilly voice, “My name is Elsaic.”
“Born with the power of snow, or cursed with it?” Asked Brigora.
“Born!” Assured Elsaic quickly. Then a soft glow filled the room. Brigora reached up and touched her necklace, Elsaic her cape. Their matching snowflake gems were glowing.
“Who do you think you are!” exclaimed Brigora.
“Queen of Fraendell,” She said calmly, “Who do you think you are?!”
“Queen of Fseacia!” They both gaped, and then broke out laughing.
“I want to show you Pinkie,” said Elsaic. She turned and led the way down the castle’s many hallways and corridors. When they reached the doors that led out into the courtyard. Elsaic said, “Prepare yourself, Pinkie often surprises strangers.” She flung the door open. Outside there was a giant pink dragon. “Pinkie is just a baby,” said Elsaic.
“I told you not to call me Pinkie,” grumbled the dragon. Then he turned to Brigora, “You can call me Pink Manliness.”