Edgar Allen Poe

Last Sunday, just as my family was leaving for church, I noticed a crow sitting in our yard.  I walked towards it, but it didn’t fly away, it just ran.  We noticed that his wing was injured and hanging limp.  He was definitely hurt.

When we returned from church the crow (which was now named Edgar Allen Poe, or Poe the Crow) was still there.  He was puffed up from the cold (he looked quite adorable).  We decided that we would do something to try help him, and we brought over my Grandma, who is quite good with birds.

We managed to get a towel over him and Dad picked him up, after which he was relatively calm (we could pet him).  Grandma checked out his wing and we couldn’t see anything broken, so we assumed it was sprained or badly bruised.  We placed him in a box (covered) while we built a temporary shelter.

Using chicken wire and wooden posts, we made him a shelter complete with a tilted wooden crate, water bucket, and a small tree branch good for climbing.  We released him into the shelter where he promptly hid under the crate.

My family and I will continue feeding and caring for him until his wing has healed enough for flight, and then we will release him.  Already he is showing improvement and is able to flap/jump a couple feet.  I hope Poe continues to get better until he is good as new!

The New School Year

So far we are almost two weeks into the new school year of 2016/2017.  It has been great!  We have begun small projects in many of our subjects, including our first science lab, a paragraph writing assignment, and an integers/measurement math unit.

We elected the new students council, and I am pleased to have received the position of students council president.  We hold meetings twice a week and we are being very productive (as well as having fun). The other council members and I have already begun planning the school’s Halloween celebration.

Cross Country is coming up soon, and we have already started training.  Every day the intermediate class goes on a run for PE, and the whole class is showing significant improvement.  My personal best time is 4:21.

The new school year is off to a great start, and I hope we continue to have an awesome time at school!