French Class

This year, in French term one, we have been learning a few different things.  Basic conversation skills, -er verbs, and we have created an “All About Me” (Toute sur Moi) poster.  We get French once a week for 1 hour.

For speaking skills we practice asking each other questions in French like: “What is your name” or “what is the weather like”.  After that, your partner responds in French with the appropriate answer.  We have a list of some possible questions in our French duitang’s.  Sometimes, our teacher gives us a conversation script to run through so we can practice pronunciation.

When we practice verbs, we use a set of flash cards as a class or in pairs.  A teacher or student volunteer says the French word and we either repeat in or give the translation, depending on the instructions.  There are about 30 cards, I think, and we usually go through all of them.  We also practice the conjugation of those verbs.

This term, we also created a poster about ourselves.  We wrote this completely in French, with the aid of some French dictionaries.  We could list things like our favourite colour, family, interests, and more.  We also got to decorate this with some drawings and a title.

We have also began to practice our counting and numbers in French.  We count up to 100, and we sometimes play a game called “Onze”.  In this game, you can choose to say 1-3 consecutive numbers following the ones of the previous person.  The person who has to say “Onze” is out.

In the rest of this year I hope do some more work on directions, different shapes, and texture adjectives (eg. prickly, smooth, bumpy).  I am also really looking forward to this year’s cultural fair.  I hope we have a great year of French!