Tech Club

After school on Wednesdays there is Tech Club. The first time I went to Tech Club I got stuff for my blog. I got a Voki and a calendar.

At the beginning of a few Tech Clubs we go on a game on the smart board called Surf Swell Island. On it in every stage you learn a little bit about internet safety with the Disney characters. You have to find all the gems and put them in the holes on your sculpture. In order to get the gems you have to answer internet safety questions correctly.

My first time at Tech Club was awesome!

Sewing Classes with Grandma

I might be getting a sewing machine for Christmas. To get ready for it Grandma is giving me sewing machine classes with her sewing machine. It was fun. On my first time I sewed together two ends of a cloth. On my second time I sewed down a piece of material. The second time I worked on controlling the foot pedal, learning how to thread it, loading the bobbin, and stopping to shift the cloth so I could sew it straight. I like sewing machines.

If I get a sewing machine for Christmas I want to sew myself a cloak. On it I want to put shapes on it for designs. I want to make my sister Sierra a skirt with squares on it for decorations and designs. I also want to make bracelets by sewing together the ends of strips of fabric and for designs I will put a line down the middle. I can not wait until I get a sewing machine!

My Halloween Candy

When I went Trick-or-Treating I got lots of candy. They gave us like double of everything! I got Cheesies, chips, Kinder eggs, bubble gum, Reeses Pieces, Rockets, and suckers.

A scary house was when you went in the gate there was a Dracula guy standing under a tree. It looked like a statue (but it was actually a real man) and you walk past him and get your candy. But on the way back he jumps at you. When he jumped at me I ran out of their yard, down the road, and away from the fence (it was Jim & Ivona’s).

When I got home I had a table full of candy. I ate a bit of it for bedtime snack. For bedtime snack one of the things I had was a chocolate eyeball.

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I love Halloween!