Masala Youth Group

Yesterday we were lucky to get a visit from the Masala youth group who came all the way from Finland! In Finland they were performing a play all in Fin called Sointula. Then someone from Sointula contacted them and asked if they would put the play on here, and guess what, they said yes!

They are going to put on the play on the weekend that is all in Finnish and three hours long so on Wednesday they came to the school to do theater with us. It was so much fun!

We played socket tag when someone is it if they tag you you put your hands on your hips and to be freed someone who is not it has to put their arms through yours. We played it in the gym.

We also played a game to learn names where you shake two hands at once say your name twice then let go and find two more people. Eventually it turns into one long chain.

We all loved it. We hope they could come again and do it with us soon. It was so much fun!

School with Sierra

Almost every day I do school with Sierra my sister. I teach her how to read, write, count, do colours, do shapes, and math. She has read two little kid books almost by herself. One was called “The Cat And The Rat” and the other was called “Zac The Rat”. For math she does something like I draw a picture and one half is Jack’s and the other half is for George then I say to add them together.

Sometimes she gets to draw on my Ipad. On my Ipad she also has this cool learning game where it teaches you shapes, colours, and words.

She reads some books that mom prints off of Starfall for us. The books that are from Starfall are called Zac The Rat, Mox The Fox, Peg The Hen, Gus The Duck, and The Big Hit. She has two other books. One is called A Park and the other one is called What Is It.

She is really good at it.