Cultural Fair

My French Artist 2017

For the intermediate class Cultural Fair we all were required to select a French artist and recreate one of their paintings.  I chose to recreate “White Sail” by Jean Marc Janiaczyc.  Jean Marc Janiaczyk’s art style is a cross between realism and impressionism, and he often uses a palette knife in his work.  Before he started impressionism and realism, he did a style called hyperrealism, which is made to resemble a photo.

Jean Marc Janiaczyk was born in 1966 and only began painting at the age of 24.  His work can be found in a number of private collections in over 11 countries.  Below is a picture of his “White Sail”.

Image result for jean marc janiaczyk white sail

My French Food

I will be bringing a modified version (tarts) of this French Canadian Tourtiere.  Here is a link with ingredients and instructions on how to make this: