My Read Aloud

I did a read aloud to who how my reading has improved over the year. I am reading the Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. Here it is:

We co-constructed our own criteria. Here it is:
-Loud and clear
-Know the words
-Punctuation (.?!”,)
-Good fit book

I think I am really good at reading hard words and making funny voices for the characters. I am still working on expression. I Love reading!

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Part 1: Short Stories For K/1s

I am going to write a couple short stories that are easy to read.  They get trickier and trickier!

Tim The Dog

New words in this story: Tim, Is, The, Back, Runs, Dog, Cat, And, Bad, A, Not

Tim is a dog.  A cat licks him.  The cat is bad.  Tim runs and runs and runs.  Tim gets lost.  Tim runs back.  The cat is not back!

I See…

New words in this story: I, See, Red, Bag, It, Soft, I ,Pink, Hat, It, Smells, Mom, My

I see a red bag.  It is soft.  I see a pink hat.  It smells.  I see a mom.  It is my mom!

The Monster

New words in this story: Monster, In, Leg, Neck, And Jumps, No

A monster is in the bag.  I see a red leg, and a pink neck in the bag.  It jumps.  No monsters!