Autumn Rhythm

For a Language Arts project we had to choose a specific painting by a famous artist. The painting is called Autumn Rhythm made by the abstract artist Jackson Pollock. Abstract paintings are kind of wild and disjointed, more like a random idea than a sophisticated painting.

It is an abstract splatter painting featuring white, black, and beige. This painting is also described as a drip painting.Jackson Pollock made his first drip painting in 1947, but this one was made in the October of 1950.

Jackson Pollock says “Painting is a state of being. … Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is”.  Look at the Autumn Rhythm painting and think about what this says about Jackson Pollock’s character.  The painting is very chaotic and complex.

Social Studies Project

For social studies everyone in grade five is choosing a Canadian community to research, prepare a report, and make a model about. The project is due on the fourteenth or fifteenth of December. I am doing a community in the Yukon called Watson lake with about one thousand five hundred people.
The Grade fours are doing cedars meet the sea, grade sixes are doing huge cities, and grade sevens are doing Ancient Mesopotamia.
On the due date (December fourteenth or fifteenth) the class will present their projects.