This week we have been lucky to have Missoula Children’s Theatre come to our school to put on the production “Beauty Lou and The Country Beast”. We audition for a part in the show on Monday, and on Friday we have our first performance. It’s a busy week, but we always manage to pull it together! MCT offers a variety of parts for this play, including:

  • Older and Younger Sally Mae, Donna Rae, Sandy Dee, Barbie Lee, Bobbie Joe, Little Joe, and Beauty Lou.
  • Beast
  • Imaginary Friend
  • Critters
  • Slim Takings and Dusty Bottoms
  • Country Folk
  • Fleabite Clyde

It’s a week full of rehearsals, and so far it’s going very well!

French Class

This year, in French term one, we have been learning a few different things.  Basic conversation skills, -er verbs, and we have created an “All About Me” (Toute sur Moi) poster.  We get French once a week for 1 hour.

For speaking skills we practice asking each other questions in French like: “What is your name” or “what is the weather like”.  After that, your partner responds in French with the appropriate answer.  We have a list of some possible questions in our French duitang’s.  Sometimes, our teacher gives us a conversation script to run through so we can practice pronunciation.

When we practice verbs, we use a set of flash cards as a class or in pairs.  A teacher or student volunteer says the French word and we either repeat in or give the translation, depending on the instructions.  There are about 30 cards, I think, and we usually go through all of them.  We also practice the conjugation of those verbs.

This term, we also created a poster about ourselves.  We wrote this completely in French, with the aid of some French dictionaries.  We could list things like our favourite colour, family, interests, and more.  We also got to decorate this with some drawings and a title.

We have also began to practice our counting and numbers in French.  We count up to 100, and we sometimes play a game called “Onze”.  In this game, you can choose to say 1-3 consecutive numbers following the ones of the previous person.  The person who has to say “Onze” is out.

In the rest of this year I hope do some more work on directions, different shapes, and texture adjectives (eg. prickly, smooth, bumpy).  I am also really looking forward to this year’s cultural fair.  I hope we have a great year of French!

Artist Profile 2

My second artist profile is about Jason De Graff.  He was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1971.  His painting genre is hyper-realism, which is paintings and drawings made to look like a high definition photograph.  He went to college for illustration and design, but later decided to become a painter.  Jason De Graff says that his paintings are about light and reflective/transparent surfaces.  He says he never reproduces what he sees completely, but adds his own ideas to everything he paints/draws.  Here is a link to a selection of artwork by him:

Below is one of Jason De Graff’s Paintings:

Image result for jason de graaf

My French Artist 2017

For the intermediate class Cultural Fair we all were required to select a French artist and recreate one of their paintings.  I chose to recreate “White Sail” by Jean Marc Janiaczyc.  Jean Marc Janiaczyk’s art style is a cross between realism and impressionism, and he often uses a palette knife in his work.  Before he started impressionism and realism, he did a style called hyperrealism, which is made to resemble a photo.

Jean Marc Janiaczyk was born in 1966 and only began painting at the age of 24.  His work can be found in a number of private collections in over 11 countries.  Below is a picture of his “White Sail”.

Image result for jean marc janiaczyk white sail


Just under two weeks ago, I got my braces on.  I had them done at Shoreline Orthodontics (by the way, I highly suggest going to them).  I originally went for my consultation only, having no expectation of getting braces.  After I had my x-rays and exams done, they told me that they were ready to put the braces on right then.  This is not my full treatment, as in a couple weeks I will also be receiving a MARA appliance (mandibular anterior repositioning appliance) on top and bottom, and elastic bands (for my overbite).

Getting the braces on did not hurt at all!  My teeth just felt really tight and my mouth felt full.  It only actually started hurting later in the day, when my teeth would ache and hurt even worse whenever I touched them, with my tongue, teeth, or food.  I cut up all my food into small enough bits to just swallow without having to chew.  Now, I still have to cut up my food, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.

I am definitely not looking forward to my 26 months in braces, but I’m sure that it will be just fine!


2 Kyu Brown Belt

As promised, here is my update on karate.  I passed to my second degree brown belt!  At this level I have to wear sparring gloves and a mouth guard (so I have insurance).

In each karate test there are three sections.  The sections are as follows:

  • Kata (a sequence of moves you have to memorize and perform)
  • Kihone (basic technique).
  • Kumite (sparring

Next is brown belt #3!

Missoula Children’s Theater

This week we had Missoula Children’s Theater come to our school from Monday to Friday to put on a production of “Peter and Wendy”.  On Monday we were cast in our parts and on Friday and Saturday we presented our musical to the community, complete with sound, a set, makeup, and costumes.

This year I was cast as Wendy.  Yay!  I had 82 lines (not including songs).  I had so much fun and I loved the part!

I hope we get MCT again next year!


On next Tuesday, I will be testing for my second degree brown belt in karate.  I have been doing karate since I was five years old.  One other person will also be testing with me.  The order of the belts are as follows:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Brown x3
  • Black x10 

I am very excited, but mostly nervous.  For this test I have to wear sparring gloves and a mouth guard (so I am insured).  I will keep you updated and report back after my test.

Simple Machine Project

In the month of November the intermediate class got a new science assignment.  By November 30th, we all have to finish a Rube Goldberg project using as many simple machines as we can.  The six simple machines are:

  • Screw
  • Lever
  • Wheel & axle
  • Inclined Plane
  • Pulley
  • Wedge

I have (somehow) managed to use them all.  Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds.  When I turn in my project I will upload a picture of it to my blog.  Our class has been making progress towards finishing our assignment and I am really looking forward to the many presentations by our class.  I’ll keep you posted!