Book 2, Chapter 15: Ira Dreamlake

After Aiela’s death Framata had broken out of jail. When she got out she took a long, deep breath of fresh air. She realized she was not that far from the palace. She took the quickest route she knew; along Seaside Way. She spotted a beautiful girl walking beside her on the opposite side of the street. She had black waist length hair and a delicate face with almond shaped eyes and small, perfect lips. Her skin was so pale it almost looked white. Framata heard her murmer something and then water shot from her hand. Framata ran to her and said
“You can do magic!”
“Yes.” She said. She spoke with a slight french accent that seemed to add to her beauty.
“I need to take you to see Brigora!” said Framata.
“my name is Ira Dreamlake.” Said Ira.
“The legendary water elementalist!” Gasped Framata. Ira gave a small nod.