Chapter 33: The End

Brigora, Ladaria, Framata, Aiela, Kailer, Pandra, Symbol, and Stella were getting ready to fight. They were sorting out the last minute details, when Brigora said,”When I say go, Charge.” A boom sounded. “Go!!!” shouted Brigora. They all charged into the city, but Brigora scooted around the outskirts of the city until she reached the flag pole then she hitched up her blue dress and shinnied up the pole.

She scanned the city for Lord Nefarious as the battle raged below her. Finally, she spotted him, in the castle’s highest tower. She slid down the pole and raced towards the palace, but a merte stopped her. She turned to face it. They began to fight. Brigora shot jets of ice at the merte, while the merte dodged them and lunged at her knives flashing. Brigora froze him with ice, and he stood like a statue, his dagger inches from her heart. Then Brigora sprinted towards the castleas fast as she could.

When she reached the palace she wrenched open the marble doors open and ran through hallways and up stairs. Finally she reached the door to the balcony for the tallest tower. She took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

Without turning, Lord Nefarious said, “Hello again Brigora.” Then he shouted, “Adjust the portal,” and then quickly grabbed Brigora and threw her over the balcony. There she was. Plunging towards her death. And then Kailer saw her falling. Kailer jumped at her to stop her falling into the swirling portal below her. Kailer felt herself being sucked into the portal’s misty depths. Brigora hit the ground hard. Everything hurt. She closed her eyes and just laid there, on the ground. A long time passed. Brigora felt someone helping her to her feet. It was Pandra. She said gently,”Kailer is dead.” Brigora wept. Everyone cried. But noboby cried harder than Aiela.
“She was my only daughter,” sobbed Aiela. But in the midst of all the darkness Brigora saw the light. The Battle was over. And they had won.

The End of the first book in the series “Tragic Magic”
By Brooklynn

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