Chapter 32: Battle Preparation

In the morning Ladaria woke up and saw a note on the ground beside her. It said,
Momma, I have gone with Coe. Evil is good for me. Love, Sae Ladaria said,
“Get up,” and the sleeping bodies stirred. Ladaria shoved the note under Brigora’s nose. Brigora hastily read the note. She yelled the contents of the note out loud. Kailer and Brigora were the only ones with horses, so they had three to a horse. Pandra had used her magic she learned to teleport to their side.
“I will fly,” said Pandra. With that, they were off.

When they reached walls of Fseacia (Or as up-to-date people would call it, Nefariousville) Aiela climbed the wall nimbly, and when she came back down she said, “Merte patrols everywhwere. I know a good hotel called the Goose though,” and then they walked towards the bright sign declaring that the hotels name was the “Goose” just as Aiela had said. They walked inside and went up to the counter. The woman behind it said,
“Room 2300,” and the odd group marched up the stairs.

They had climbed 10 flights of stairs they finally came to the door marked “2300”. They walked in. Inside were Symbol, Stella, Albania, Peaches, Gigi, Alka and a shaggy haired boy with raven black hair. Brigora ran to Symbol and hugged her warmly, her white hair flying behind her.
“Anybody from your group missing?” asked Symbol.
“Uhh yes, Coe and Sae turned evil and left,” said Brigora backing away. At this Ladaria broke down crying.
“I am suspicious. How did you know?” Brigora fled without listening to what Symbol had to say.

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