Chapter 31: The Turning of Sae

That night Sae felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. She looked up. It was Coe. She said to Sae,
“Come with me, evil is good. If you turn bad we could be together,” Sae shook her head.
“But I love you sister,” Cooed Coe in a soothing tone. Finally, Sae gave in.
“Sure,” she said reluctantly, flinging herself into Coe’s open arms. Coe was happy to see her sister too. A girl with black hair materialized behind Coe. It was the master of all ghotames.
She said, “Coe, I gave you the power of evil. And look how you are using it.” With that the black-haired lady disappeared. Coe was suddenly overpowered by a wave of remorse and guilt, but as quickly as those feelings had come, they evaporated. Coe conjured black mist that surrounded her and Sae. When the fog disappeared, nobody was there.

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