Chapter 23: The Gates

Tiefadi, Ladaria, Coe, Sae, and Framata were on a boat to Alaentu, sitting in their little cabin they all shared. It was a half day journey. Their cabin was an empty room. Coe had found a tattered book on the deck and was reading it aloud to Framata, Sae was having a tickle fight with Tiefadi, and Ladaria had her head poking out the window because she was seasick.
“I hope this is over soon,” Groaned Ladaria. Just as she said that a man in the hallway said,
“We are at Alaentu.” With that Ladaria bounded out the door and left the others to catch up.

When they attempted to leave the boat a merte’s arm halted them.
“Hey Curly,” The Merte said to Tiefadi. “You’re coming with me,” and with that he grabbed Tiefadi roughly and shoved her into a sitting position. “You can go now, girls. Curlytop won’t be seeing you any more though,” and then Ladaria and Framata ran, with Sae and Coe trailing behind. There was a giant gate stopping them from getting into Alaentu. A Merte stopped them and said,”I am sorry but no one may enter Alaentu.”

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