Chapter 24: The Fartkitecture Problem

Coe, Sae, Framata, and Ladaria did not know where to go. Ladaria said,”I guess we have to turn back to Dadan Sae.”
“Yay!” Screamed Sae.
Coe said, “But we just got here, and this book says that Alaentu’s architecture is amazing.”
“No time for Fartkitecture Coe,” Said Ladaria. “And Besides, it sounds gross, fart is in the name.”
“Not fartkitecture, architecture,” Laughed Coe. A rumbling came from inside Alaentu’s walls
“It sounds like the fartkitecture is falling down,” said Framata.
“Don’t mock me, I didn’t know,” Said Ladaria grumpily.
“Yes you did,” Teased Sae.
“Well I’m not leaving until I see the buildings,” Said Coe, and she marched to the gates and said,
“I am going through.” The guard merte went all moony-eyed and said,
“Of course.” The merte opened the gate and let Coe go through.