Chapter 22: Empty

The city of Fseacia was empty. Groups of merte patrolled the area. Lord Nefarious’s work had finally paid off. Lord Nefarious yelled,”Search the city! Murder any who refuses to leave! Fseacia shall be renamed Nefariousville!” That day, from the tallest tower in Nefariousville, a black and red flag replaced the blue flag of Fseacia.
Lord Nefarious walked towards the desolated palace, and down to the castle dungeouns. There, a whimpering girl lay in a cell, and her name was Brigora Dewleaf.
“Hello Brigora,” said Lord Nefarious sweetly. Then Brigora said bravely,”These handcuffs are very cumbersome, is there any chance I could take them off?”
“Never!!!” Screeched Lord Nefarious. And with that he strode away.