Chapter 7: Here We Come World!

After getting out of the merte dungeons Framata, Pandra, Master Sunwell, Brigora, and Ladaria Decided to make some distance between them and the Merte before they stopped to camp for the night. Master Sunwell said, “Children are going missing from here to Fseacia “.
“Well let’s go to Fseacia then,” said Brigora.
“Yes, let’s did you know they have magical Sar Din Dae in Fseacia,” said Pandra happily.
“Really!” Said Framata “I want to become a Sar Din Dae“. Tthen Ladaria broke in through the mess of voices.
“Hey If we are going to Fseacia lets at least do it after a good nights sleep.” In the middle of all this master Sunwell had packed up quickly (and quietly) and stormed away towards home with a grumpy frown on his face.

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