Chapter 4: The Long Journey

When Brigora got home she went into her room to pack up what she would like to take. First she put three riding dresses in her bag, one green one, blue one grey; a black hooded cloak and a beige cloak; and a small belt knife and that was all. So then she went to head off to Ladaria’s house.

When Brigora got there she went up the stairs to Ladaria’s room. When she got into her friends room she saw Ladaria buried in stuff and trying to stuff it all into one pink beach bag.
“There,” said Ladaria proudly, “I am all done packing. Throw your bag out the window it will land in the horse stable and we can just tell daddy we are going to see my horse Dainty.”
“What about Destiny,” grumbled Brigora.
“Oh yes your horse too,” said Ladaria like nothing happened. So they went downstairs and Brigora yelled, “We are going to see our horses, Master Sunwell.”
“Ok girls just do not be too long,” he replied.

So they grabbed their bags jumped on their horses and flicked the reins.