My A.J Eagle

One snowy week before Christmas, everybody was working at the North Pole.  Everyone was frantic preparing for Christmas.  All the elves were busy doing something.  In his office Santa thought, “I think I should go check on how the elves are doing”.  Santa got out of his chair and said with a yawn, “I wish did not have to miss my afternoon nap”.  Then he made his way slowly to the door.  He grasped the doorknob and pulled.  He said to himself,” Have those silly elves locked me in again?”

“No dear,” said a voice from behind him.  It was Mrs.Claus.  “You are not doing it right. You are supposed to twist then pull, not just pull.”
“Oh I knew that,” said Santa quickly as he opened the door.  He walked down the long hallway, first left, then right, then straight.  Soon the sound of singing could be heard.

All the elves were happy, except one.  When Santa came in the elf yelled, “Santa, this is so unfair!  Why don’t you pay us?”  He chucked a candy cane at a computer.  Before Santa could answer, the lights went out.

“Ahhh!” yelled Santa.  Suddenly a light flickered on.  “We must go to the emergency computer,” Santa said.  Then the elf with the lantern got up and led the way to the emergency computer.  When they got there Santa sat in the big chair in front of the computer.  He wiggled the mouse and the computer flashed on.  He clicked the button that said EMERGENCY!!!! Then all the lights turned on.  Santa said “Every elf must meet me in my office this instant!”

At the meeting Santa yelled, “What is the meaning of this?” One of the elves said in a small voice, “Sorry Santa, I got angry because you do not pay us and I threw a candy cane at one of the computers.”

“Thank you for saying sorry, but next time do not do it,” said Santa.

“OK,” said the elf.

The rest of the days were busy.  On Christmas Eve they loaded the sleigh and lived happily ever after.

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