My Ear Piercing Adventure

Today I got my ears pierced.  It only hurt a bit.

I got little sparkly flowers.  In the sun the pink part turned to purple and the silver part turned to blue.

I had two ladies do it, one on each ear.  They both had little guns.  They put in the cartridge with the earrings in it and then I think they locked it or something.  They counted to three to do it.

Two times a day I have to put a special liquid on it to clean my ears.  It is called ear cleanse.

When they put it in it was just pressure, but then it started to sting.  Then I started crying.  After I was done crying it started to feel a little bit warm.  For about half an hour after I left the salon it stung.  Then it just felt weird for quite a while.

I am glad I got my ears pierced.

We took some pictures and videos: