It is almost Christmas!

It is almost Christmas! I can’t wait. Auntie Kim, Uncle Darcy, Cole, and Janna get to come to our house this Christmas! They could not come before because they lived in Stewart, but now they live in Courtenay!

One of my favorite things that happens at Christmas is when we get to go to Appy Night at grandma’s. There is sushi,  bacon wrapped water chestnuts ect.  

Another one of my favorite things is when we get to decorate.  It is beautiful.   This week we are cleaning the house to decorate!  Really!  

A different one of my favorites is when we get to go out on the logging roads with snacks and get our Christmas tree.  We always get one big one for the family and two little ones for me and Sierra.  The little ones go in me and Sierra’s rooms.  

I also like making a gingerbread house.  We get to eat some while we are at it.  It is fun making gingerbread houses.  

It is fun decorating the tree.  We make ornaments to give to the family.  This year I made a card for everybody in the family that is coming for Christmas.

I love Christmas!  It is so much fun.

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