Grade Two

This year I am in grade two.


I like it better than any of the other grades I have been in because I get to be in my mom’s class. In Daily 5 I am reading a book called, Beyond the Valley of Thorns. So far I like it. I like Daily 5.

Here are a few reasons I like being in my moms class:
1. Well she’s my mom
2. We get to do Daily 5
3. In this class we have a Smartboard.

That is a few reasons I like being in my mom’s class.

I love being in grade two.

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  1. Dear Brooklynn,
    I am very glad that I get to be your teacher this year. I remember really liking grade two as well. My classroom was in a portable and my teacher’s name was Mrs. McKenzie. I remember singing and hatching chicks.

    I love Daily 5 too! I think it is my favourite part of the day. I LOVE books and reading stories children write. I think I may have to borrow that book when you are finished with it and add it to my “To Be Read Pile”.

    Keep up the great blogging!


    • Dear Brooklynn,
      When a school has too many students for the number of classrooms they sometimes bring in portables. They are sort of like a trailer. On the inside they look just like a classroom, but they aren’t attached to the school.

      The Mrs. McKenzie who taught me wasn’t Mrs. McKenzie from New Zealand. She was from Nanaimo.

      I was thinking that I might borrow the book that you have been reading to me when we have our reading conferences. What book do you think you will read next?


  2. Very cool blog Brooklynn, we have read all about minecraft, & grade two (among other things!). We even spent some time playing with “Peeper”! We are so glad that you are loving school this year, and hope that it continues to be an awesome year for you!


    -Ben and Anna

    PS – We think your Mom would be a pretty great teacher too!

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