Eagle June

Shell Island
During the summer we are thinking about going camping. I would like to go to Shell Island. The reason I would like to go to Shell Island is because the entire beach is made out of shells! It is a fantastic place for camping, although the tenting area is not the best because the campsite is covered with giant roots!
Last summer we went to Shell Island. One evening, Dad took me out on the rowboat. I saw a bunch of multicolored sun stars. Dad picked one up out of the water and put it on the side of the boat for me to touch and feel it. If you row around the whole island you can see secret passages.
Behind the campsite there was a giant beach with lots of pine cones. When we were there it was beautiful. We did not experience a single rainy day while we were there. We rode to Shell Island on Granddad’s boat. It is not a very long trip to Shell Island. Shell Island is the best island ever!

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