Book 2, Chapter 14: Fernik

Brigora awoke laying on her side.  She opened her eyes.  Her face was pressed against soft, cool grass.  Her dress was slightly damp from the morning dew.  She saw a strand of white, tangled, messy hair and she realized it was her own.  Brigora sat up slowly and saw that she was sitting in front of a small pond.  She dipped her fingers in it and ripples disturbed the glassy surface of the pond.  She saw a bug out of the corner of her eye.  The bug looked strangely humanoid.  Then she realized that this was no bug… It was a fairy.  It was a girl.  The fairy flew towards her and asked, “How did you get here, human? This is Fernik, domain of the fairies. I am Krysta. Ekemal will have questions for you. Come.”  Brigora quickly made a cage of ice around the tiny being. She noticed that Krysta had short black hair and was wearing a red leotard. She had delicate see-through wings.  “What kind of curse has been placed upon you, human?” Asked Krysta.
Brigora fled, leaving Krysta in her cage of ice. She ran through a pond. As soon as her feet touched the surface of the water, the pond froze. Her power was growing.