Book 2, Chapter 12: A Game of Hide and Seek and a Friendly Face

Brigora was sprinting as fast as she could. A Merte was chasing her. The cold wind stung her cheeks and made her eyes water as she ran past. Then the Merte yelled gleefully, “Ready or not, here I come!”
Through gritted teeth Brigora said, “Not…Hide…And seek.” She let out a gasp. She wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer. A strand of white hair flew in front of her face. Two hands gripped her waist and lifted her up from behind. Brigora fought and kicked, but could not get free. Then a door opened and slammed shut. The ground in front of her face turned from grass to wood floors. She was gently set down. Brigora was looking into the eyes of Elsaic.
“Miss me?” asked Elsaic. Brigora fell unconscious from exhaustion and surprise.