Chapter 18: A New Friend

Pandra was having a good time training, in fact she was one of the top students, but a bad time making friends. Of course she had Stella, but she was away at Balford again. One day, when she was striding through the corridor, a small girl with raven black hair shyly said
“Hi, my name is Ivatan,” Pandra said
“Mine is Pandra. Could we be friends?”
“Sure,” said Ivatan a bit more confidently.
“So Ivatan-” Pandra started to say.
“Please just call me Iva,” Ivatan said.
“Ok,” said Pandra. “Where is your room Iva,”
“I think it is the one right next to yours Pandra,” she replied. Pandra glanced at her watch
“Oh sorry, I will be late for my lessons,’
“Me too,” giggled Iva.

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