Chapter 20: The Assasin

Framata had been annoyed by Tiefadi enough, when Daesa walked into her room. Except it wasn’t Daesa. All along Framata had had a sneaking suspicion that Daesa was not on their side. Daesa was in normal clothes, but she held a ruby hilted dagger.
“Time for you to die,” hissed Daesa. Daesa was blocking the door. Then Framata ran to the wall and jumped. Out the window.

Ladaria was awakened from her nap by Framata’s shrieks. She went into Framata’s room to only to find Daesa, with a knife. Framata had been right about Daesa. She was an assasin. Ladaria quietly closed the door, and locked Daesa in. When Daesa found out about this her howls were heard throughout the inn. Then Ladaria raced outside to find Framata laying in a bush. She was a bit shaken up by her encounter, but not harmed. Ladaria grimaced when Framata rose out of the bush. The thorn bush.

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