My Sewing Machine

For Christmas I got a real adult Sewing Machine! I have sewn one thing on it, a scarf.


I am giving the scarf to my cousin Janna.
I was thinking about maybe setting up a scarf stand at the Co-op. Maybe not though. If I do set up a stand I would sell them for 5$.

Do you think that is a reasonable price? Would you buy a scarf from me if I did set up a stand? If not scarves, what would you buy that a sewing machine can make? Do you think the front of the co-op is a good place if I do? If not the co-op, where? Do you like the scarf I made? Do you think I should set up a stand? Have you done anything like that? If you did how did it go? Have you sewn a scarf before? If you did, did it look anything like mine?

I got the fabric and thread for Christmas from my mom and dad. I got the Sewing Machine from Grandma.