We got snow today. We dont get it vary often. I love snow. It is fun. Snow is a form of water. Water can be a gas a solid and liqid. That is our siense in school. I like to eet the snow.

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  1. Hi Brooklynn
    We don’t get snow very often either. Sometimes we might get snow in May or June or July, but one year we got snow in November which was very strange for us, because in New Zealand it is nearly summer.
    Our children have been going swimming lately. Some swim in the pool and some swim in the river.
    Where do you like to swim?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  2. Dear Brooklynn,

    I like too eat snow too!!! Don’t you feel nice when we get snow? I know I do. very good science is that what your class is working on? Do you like liqued more than solid or the other way around?

    Your friend Kennedy 😉

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