My French Artist

For my French artist I chose to do Andre Derain.  He was born on June 10, 1880 (Chatou, France), and died September 8, 1954 (Garches, France).  Andre Derain was a famous painter, sculptor, and artist.  Mr. Derain worked with Henry Matisse and Pablo Picasso, who were an inspiration to him.  He painted pieces that featured fauvism and modern art styles.


Link to a Painting by Andre Derain

My First Person Point of View Write

I wake up to the warm, fuzzy feeling of being cocooned inside my blankets, I hear the sound of my alarm clock blaring by my head.  With my eyes still half closed, I grope blindly for the snooze button.  My fingers refuse to locate the button, so, desperately, I grasp the cord and pull it from the wall.  The noise stops abruptly.  The silence and the comfort of my bunk bed lulls me into a doze.

In my dreams, I often relive scenes from my life.  I don’t know if this is normal, or just me.  Now, I dream of a day of school from last year, in grade 6.  I sit alone in the back of the classroom.  I know that I will never be included, that I will always be the “weird kid”.

I wake for the second time, unfortunately to my mother shaking me out of my slumber.  I am going to be late for school.  My mother leaves the room to prepare for work.  I drag myself out of bed and stagger to my dresser, my brain subdued by the remnants of sleep.  I groggily choose clothes and dress myself quickly, knowing my chances of making it to school on time are slim.

As I rush out of my room I run my fingers through my long, brown hair, attempting to tame the wild mane.  I throw on my coat and shoes, with no time for breakfast, and race out the door.  All traces of sleepiness has left me.  I am outside the door just as I see the bus pull to a screeching stop in front of my house.  The doors open with a hiss and I mount the steps up into the bus, selecting an unoccupied seat towards the front.

I am relieved that I am not late for the bus, and that I will make it to school on time.  And so begins another day of school.

Gravitational Waves Found!

For many years, nobody has known what gravity is, a force, or a wave.  A century after being theorized by Albert Einstein, scientists have discovered gravitational waves (D news).  This detection was by the twin LIGO interferometers on September 14, 2015.  After over 100 years of searching, it has been confirmed. Gravity is a wave!

Gravitational waves are alike to sound waves (Science Alert).  Gravitational waves are believed to travel at the speed of light. These waves are rumored to be the result of black hole collision.  Because of all the variables (such as traffic) it is difficult for detectors to confirm the prescence of gravitational waves.

Experts are already saying that this discovery is a shoo-in for the Nobel Peace Prize, and this breakthrough is sure to change scientific research forever.

My Science Fair

For my science fair this year I am doing a study on Infrasonics (the study of infrasound).  This is an interesting (and kind of creepy) topic to study because of the adverse health affects it can have.  I am also in contact with a scientist who is helping me with articles when they contradict themselves, or things just don’t make sense.

Autumn Rhythm

For a Language Arts project we had to choose a specific painting by a famous artist. The painting is called Autumn Rhythm made by the abstract artist Jackson Pollock. Abstract paintings are kind of wild and disjointed, more like a random idea than a sophisticated painting.

It is an abstract splatter painting featuring white, black, and beige. This painting is also described as a drip painting.Jackson Pollock made his first drip painting in 1947, but this one was made in the October of 1950.

Jackson Pollock says “Painting is a state of being. … Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is”.  Look at the Autumn Rhythm painting and think about what this says about Jackson Pollock’s character.  The painting is very chaotic and complex.

Social Studies Project

For social studies everyone in grade five is choosing a Canadian community to research, prepare a report, and make a model about. The project is due on the fourteenth or fifteenth of December. I am doing a community in the Yukon called Watson lake with about one thousand five hundred people.
The Grade fours are doing cedars meet the sea, grade sixes are doing huge cities, and grade sevens are doing Ancient Mesopotamia.
On the due date (December fourteenth or fifteenth) the class will present their projects.

Cross Country

Today was the school district cross country meet! I ran in the run for peewee girls and it was 2.7 kilometers. This was my first year doing the long run and it was super hard. I don’t know how I placed or my time but I think I was around ninth place. There was a concession in the gym and about six schools came to run in the different races.

My dad and my Grandma came to watch me and my sister run in the cross country. I was really tired when I finished my run so I ate and drank a ton! I definitely will do cross country next year!

Science Fair!

On April 2nd there was a science fair at our school. I got first place in our science fair so now I get to move on and go to the regional science fair at NISS. The regional science fair is on April 9th and i’m really excited.  These are the projects I can remember:

  • Positive and Negative reinforcements
  • Lungs
  • Brain
  • How String Instruments Work
  • Lipstick
  • Muffins
  • Florescence
  • Rockets
  • High Tide
  • Coyotes
  • Owls
  • Whipped Cream Science
  • Embryology (Eggs)
  • Stethoscopes
  •  Yogurt
  • Static electricity
  • Leopards
  • Giraffes
  • Balance

There are so many more I can remember but there s not enough room to fit it in a post.  Everyone had a wonderful project.


Book 2, Chapter 15: Ira Dreamlake

After Aiela’s death Framata had broken out of jail. When she got out she took a long, deep breath of fresh air. She realized she was not that far from the palace. She took the quickest route she knew; along Seaside Way. She spotted a beautiful girl walking beside her on the opposite side of the street. She had black waist length hair and a delicate face with almond shaped eyes and small, perfect lips. Her skin was so pale it almost looked white. Framata heard her murmer something and then water shot from her hand. Framata ran to her and said
“You can do magic!”
“Yes.” She said. She spoke with a slight french accent that seemed to add to her beauty.
“I need to take you to see Brigora!” said Framata.
“my name is Ira Dreamlake.” Said Ira.
“The legendary water elementalist!” Gasped Framata. Ira gave a small nod.

Teacher Strike

The teachers have been on strike all summer. Now we are supposed to be doing school but because the teachers are still on strike we are missing.
The news says that Vince Ready might come to the meeting next weekend. Hopefully the problem will be solved soon and we can go back to school!