Book 2, Chapter 9: More Family

Brigora was having the time of her life. She had quickly learned how to fly the dragon and successfully do a loop-de- loop. Now she sat casually upon the dragon’s back. The pink scales glinted in the sun as light bounced off them. Brigora’s hair had been neatly braided with a blue satin ribbon but the strip of fabric had come out and her braid unravelled. She had slept on her braid so her hair now streamed through the air with natural bouncy looking curls of her white hair. Her dress was made to fit tightly around her skin, but it attempted to fly about her as well. Brigora’s eyes watered and the wind whistled annoyingly in her ears. She flattened her body against the dragon’s back as Pinkie began his descent. He pulled out of his nose dive just in time to make a perfect landing.

Elsaic was nowhere to be seen. Brigora then dismounted the reptile and strode through the garden with rhododendrons and day lilies brushing her sides as her steel toed flats clicked on the cobblestone path. She was lost in thought and the magnificent scent of roses did not catch her attention.

She was snapped to reality when Ladaria called to her from a bench on the other side of the garden. Brigora adopted a warm look as she walked to sit with Ladaria.
“Hey,” said Brigora, “How are your parents, Ladaria?” At this Ladaria’s face clouded.
Then she mumbled, “I’ve been meaning to tell you Brigora. Yesterday I got a letter from Master Sunwell. It said I was adopted and my real last name was….well.. Dewleaf.”
Then Brigora smiled,
“So you’re my sister!” she said.

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