My Halloween Candy

When I went Trick-or-Treating I got lots of candy. They gave us like double of everything! I got Cheesies, chips, Kinder eggs, bubble gum, Reeses Pieces, Rockets, and suckers.

A scary house was when you went in the gate there was a Dracula guy standing under a tree. It looked like a statue (but it was actually a real man) and you walk past him and get your candy. But on the way back he jumps at you. When he jumped at me I ran out of their yard, down the road, and away from the fence (it was Jim & Ivona’s).

When I got home I had a table full of candy. I ate a bit of it for bedtime snack. For bedtime snack one of the things I had was a chocolate eyeball.

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I love Halloween!

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  1. Wow, double of everything, it sounds like you had a pretty successful night of trick-or-treating! What’s your favorite candy? I think my favorite would have to be Rockets.. or maybe Big Turk… or maybe Everlasting Gobstoppers! It’s tough to pick just one! Anyhow, enjoy your candy.


  2. Dear Pastor Ben,
    Thank you for leaving me a comment! Yes we did get a lot of candy, but it is almost all gone now even though we have not been eating a lot of it. Where did you go for Halloween and did you have lots of candy? Did you go trick-or-treating? See you on Sunday!


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