Just under two weeks ago, I got my braces on.  I had them done at Shoreline Orthodontics (by the way, I highly suggest going to them).  I originally went for my consultation only, having no expectation of getting braces.  After I had my x-rays and exams done, they told me that they were ready to put the braces on right then.  This is not my full treatment, as in a couple weeks I will also be receiving a MARA appliance (mandibular anterior repositioning appliance) on top and bottom, and elastic bands (for my overbite).

Getting the braces on did not hurt at all!  My teeth just felt really tight and my mouth felt full.  It only actually started hurting later in the day, when my teeth would ache and hurt even worse whenever I touched them, with my tongue, teeth, or food.  I cut up all my food into small enough bits to just swallow without having to chew.  Now, I still have to cut up my food, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.

I am definitely not looking forward to my 26 months in braces, but I’m sure that it will be just fine!


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