Book 2, Chapter 11:

Pandra yawned. It had been a hard night for her. Sometimes her curiosity was to her disadvantage. Last night when she had gotten up to go to the bathroom she had seen Brigora creeping through the hallways and she couldn’t help but follow her. She had unlocked a wooden door and went in. Pandra had waited by the door for about two hours before giving up and going back to bed.

Today Pandra would be tired. She shouldn’t have let her curiosity get ahead of her. She yawned again. Pandra got up and pulled on her dress she had gotten for being made Sar Din Dae. Today was a big test. Pandra was going to go in the contest to see if she would be able to be the one Sar Din Dae to rule over all others. If she didn’t claim the position, she hoped Iva did. She ran her fingers through her hair in an attempt to tame it. Pandra ran out her door and didn’t close the door behind her. She raced through the hallways, lifting her skirt so as not to trip on it. Brigora’s eyes widened as Pandra flew past her in the corridor. Pandra finally reached the gates that led outside of the castle. She flung them open. She kept running towards the Grand Hall.

Finally she arrived, breathless, and lined up with all the other ruler wannabes. Then somebody struck a gong and the long line filed inside. Iva joined on to the end of the line just as the line began to move. Pandra was glad to see that Iva was also out of breath. She hadn’t been the only one in a hurry! The doors shut behind Ivatan.

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