2 Book, Prologue

Brigora’s life was back to normal. Or as normal as her life ever was. Lord Nefarious had been killed by Aiela, to get revenge on him for killing her daughter. After the mertes had either been killed or fled, people slowly started to fill the city’s once-deserted streets with sounds of laughter and conversation. Brigora now sat upon the throne as she had meant to be. The day of their triumph over the mertes, the new flag of Fseacia had been raised over the city. It was blue with a white snowflake, Brigora’s symbol, Fseacia’s symbol.


In five days it will be Easter! In the morning on Easter we get dressed and eat breakfast, but then we go to the backyard to find the Easter eggs hidden out there. Then we go to church. When we get back from church we go to the Easter egg hunt. Here is an Easter poem

Easter eggs and Easter fun,
Easter fun for everyone,
Chocolate candy by the ton,
Its time for Easter!

What do you do on Easter?

Chapter 33: The End

Brigora, Ladaria, Framata, Aiela, Kailer, Pandra, Symbol, and Stella were getting ready to fight. They were sorting out the last minute details, when Brigora said,”When I say go, Charge.” A boom sounded. “Go!!!” shouted Brigora. They all charged into the city, but Brigora scooted around the outskirts of the city until she reached the flag pole then she hitched up her blue dress and shinnied up the pole.

She scanned the city for Lord Nefarious as the battle raged below her. Finally, she spotted him, in the castle’s highest tower. She slid down the pole and raced towards the palace, but a merte stopped her. She turned to face it. They began to fight. Brigora shot jets of ice at the merte, while the merte dodged them and lunged at her knives flashing. Brigora froze him with ice, and he stood like a statue, his dagger inches from her heart. Then Brigora sprinted towards the castleas fast as she could.

When she reached the palace she wrenched open the marble doors open and ran through hallways and up stairs. Finally she reached the door to the balcony for the tallest tower. She took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

Without turning, Lord Nefarious said, “Hello again Brigora.” Then he shouted, “Adjust the portal,” and then quickly grabbed Brigora and threw her over the balcony. There she was. Plunging towards her death. And then Kailer saw her falling. Kailer jumped at her to stop her falling into the swirling portal below her. Kailer felt herself being sucked into the portal’s misty depths. Brigora hit the ground hard. Everything hurt. She closed her eyes and just laid there, on the ground. A long time passed. Brigora felt someone helping her to her feet. It was Pandra. She said gently,”Kailer is dead.” Brigora wept. Everyone cried. But noboby cried harder than Aiela.
“She was my only daughter,” sobbed Aiela. But in the midst of all the darkness Brigora saw the light. The Battle was over. And they had won.

The End of the first book in the series “Tragic Magic”
By Brooklynn

Chapter 32: Battle Preparation

In the morning Ladaria woke up and saw a note on the ground beside her. It said,
Momma, I have gone with Coe. Evil is good for me. Love, Sae Ladaria said,
“Get up,” and the sleeping bodies stirred. Ladaria shoved the note under Brigora’s nose. Brigora hastily read the note. She yelled the contents of the note out loud. Kailer and Brigora were the only ones with horses, so they had three to a horse. Pandra had used her magic she learned to teleport to their side.
“I will fly,” said Pandra. With that, they were off.

When they reached walls of Fseacia (Or as up-to-date people would call it, Nefariousville) Aiela climbed the wall nimbly, and when she came back down she said, “Merte patrols everywhwere. I know a good hotel called the Goose though,” and then they walked towards the bright sign declaring that the hotels name was the “Goose” just as Aiela had said. They walked inside and went up to the counter. The woman behind it said,
“Room 2300,” and the odd group marched up the stairs.

They had climbed 10 flights of stairs they finally came to the door marked “2300”. They walked in. Inside were Symbol, Stella, Albania, Peaches, Gigi, Alka and a shaggy haired boy with raven black hair. Brigora ran to Symbol and hugged her warmly, her white hair flying behind her.
“Anybody from your group missing?” asked Symbol.
“Uhh yes, Coe and Sae turned evil and left,” said Brigora backing away. At this Ladaria broke down crying.
“I am suspicious. How did you know?” Brigora fled without listening to what Symbol had to say.

Chapter 31: The Turning of Sae

That night Sae felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. She looked up. It was Coe. She said to Sae,
“Come with me, evil is good. If you turn bad we could be together,” Sae shook her head.
“But I love you sister,” Cooed Coe in a soothing tone. Finally, Sae gave in.
“Sure,” she said reluctantly, flinging herself into Coe’s open arms. Coe was happy to see her sister too. A girl with black hair materialized behind Coe. It was the master of all ghotames.
She said, “Coe, I gave you the power of evil. And look how you are using it.” With that the black-haired lady disappeared. Coe was suddenly overpowered by a wave of remorse and guilt, but as quickly as those feelings had come, they evaporated. Coe conjured black mist that surrounded her and Sae. When the fog disappeared, nobody was there.

Chapter 30: The Plan

Kailer and Brigora’s horses jolted to a halt in front of “The Flock of Geese” and saw Framata, Ladaria, Sae and a girl whose shirt said “Aiela” in big letters.
Kailer rushed over to them and said, “We will gather Pandra, and then we will go and fight lord Nefarious and Lord Veesa in Fseacia. It has been renamed “Nefariousville”.” Sae screamed and hid behind Ladaria. Sae was very nervous since the disappearance of her sister.
“Not you Sae,” said Ladaria.
“Lets go get Pandra,” said Kailer.
Brigora said, “Yes, Let’s. But first let’s have a good nights sleep. I haven’t had one of those in days.”

Chapter 29: Kailer + Brigora = Escape

Kailer slunk along the streets of Alaentu silently. Aiela had sent her to find a girl named Brigora. She put her ear to each door she passed, yet none seemed right. Finally she sensed Brigora inside one house. Kailer eased the door open and tapped the sleeping body of a girl she knew was Brigora. The girl looked up and gasped, silently. Kailer motioned for her to follow her, and Brigora pointed to the collar encircling her throat. Kailer toyed with it for a bit, and then it snapped open. Brigora rose from the floor and sneaked through the door with Kailer. They ran down the streets and tiptoed through the gates, past two snoring merte gaurds. Once they were out of earshot, Brigora heaved a sigh of relief.
“Where to now?” asked Brigora.
“Dadan Sae,” replied Kailer. They hopped on the two mares waiting for them and rode.

Chapter 28: Aiela and Archery

Framata, Ladaria and Sae had headed back to Dadan Sae because Coe had not came out of Alaentu. Framata was sitting in her inn room, the Flock of Geese, when someone knocked on her door.
She opened the oak door to find a girl in tight black pants a loose fitting white blouse, and skinny black leather boots. Her dark brown hair had been braided and then coiled into a tight bun and her bangs hung into her eyes. On her back she wore a quiver bursting with arrows. She carried a polished oak bow.
The strange brunette said, “I am Aiela, I am here to teach you archery, Framata.” Framata had wanted to learn to shoot with a bow and arrow since she was a toddler. Framata ran to Aiela and hugged her, she was beyond words. “First you must look like an archer,” Aiela stepped behind Framata and her nimble fingers quickly made Framata’s hair into a neat french braid. Aiela stepped out of the room and came back holding some clothes. She handed them to Framata. Framata stepped into her closet to put them on. She came out wearing a snowy white blouse identical to Aiela’s and dark brown pants. “Time to learn.”

Chapter 27: Home Evil Home

Coe was back home. And she had a pet. So far Evalaine was being good. Coe was wearing Evalaine’s bracelet and she gave it a tug. Brigora fell onto the gravel road.
Coe said, “That wouldn’t have happened if you were being good.” Coe walked towards her room, her Egain following her.

When they got to Coe’s room Brigora saw a blanket on the floor. Coe said, “That is your bed.” Suddenly the door was flung open by silvery haired teenager. Brigora opened her mouth to speak and she suddenly felt a wave of pain ripple through her body. Coe said, “Don’t do or say anything without my permission.”
The grey haired teen sneered, “Hey Coe. You having trouble with your Egain again?”
“No,” said Coe haughtily.
“You always were to gentle with them. Give her to me,” Coe sighed.
“Okay, fine. One day. That day is tomorrow. Today there is an Egain contest,” Coe said as she dragged Brigora out the door.

Chapter 26: Bad News Evalaine

A merte burst into Coe’s room.
He said, “Lady, Seatin has an Egain that is to powerful for her and she is wondering if you could take charge of her. Her name is Kairyl,” Coe answered.
“Khopesh are weak. I do not wish to be referred to as one of them. I will be called Lady, not khopesh. Now let me see this Egain who is to strong for Seatin.” So the merte led Coe to a girl wearing the silver leash held by Seatin.
“This is Kairyl, lady,” said Seatin.
“No, I am naming her Evalaine,” said Coe. Coe snatched the bracelet from Seatin and snapped it shut onto her own wrist.
“Here is your first lesson Evalaine,” Coe said to Brigora. Suddenly Brigora felt as if she was exploding. Everything hurt. She was lying on the ground.
Coe said, “Good, a nice good torture.”

And Coe was pleased.