Book 2, Chapter 3: Tricked!

Framata was so excited. Aiela had promised to start archery lessons today! She styled her hair into a hasty bun and pulled on the white blouse and green pants that Aiela had given her. She raced down hallways and tripped down flights of stairs. Finally she reached Aiela’s door. She collected herself and knocked. Aiela didn’t answer. Framata cautiously opened the door. Aiela was lying on the bed, tied up and gagged. A merte was standing beside her. It lunged at Framata, rope in hand, and in a second she was tied and gagged up on the bed like Aiela. Both of them were tossed into the same sack, and then a merte grabbed the sack and hauled her out of the room. After that there was a lot of silence. Finally, she fell asleep.

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